The Link Between Asthma And Cough

One of the common symptoms of asthma is coughing, particularly during the night. It generally doesn’t have the typical wheeziness most coughs product, however. This night cough has a particularly negative effect because it can affect the sleep of both the asthma sufferer and anyone else in the house.

This cough is often the first sign of asthma in children, so if their cough continues for any length of time it’s best to let their doctor know. It’s also often a warning sign that asthma is either getting worse or is not being controlled properly.

If someone who is asthmatic develops a persistent cough it is paramount that they follow their prescribed asthma treatment. These treatments – usually inhalers – contain medication that will usually relieve their cough.

It’s important to understand that coughing is a symptom of asthma – not the condition itself. The underlying cause of the coughing needs to be addressed in order to eliminate the problem.

If any of the following symptoms accompany your cough, it’s important that you consult with your doctor as soon as possible:

- Fever and/or sweating
- Whooping cough or croup
- Coughing up discolored phlegm
- Sudden weight loss
- Chest pain
- Swelling and pain in the calves
- Recurring night-time cough
- Shortness of breath and/or wheezing

Treating asthma that is characterized by coughing spells is no different than any other asthma characterized by other symptoms. Inhaled corticosteroids are generally the most helpful, with inhaled beta2-agonists also helping.

If the symptoms of asthma are particularly severe, oral corticosteroids are often used as an initial treatment, followed by the inhaled version.

Your doctor will be able to properly diagnose the condition and prescribe the treatment that is best suited for your particular case and situation. If you have any symptoms that could be related to asthma, it’s best to consult with your doctor as quickly as possible.

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