Relationship Between Your Work And Strokes

Are you thinking about quitting your job because it is stressing you out? Or perhaps because it puts a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders and it gives you little to no reward? What about your salary, are you happy with your financial situation? — most people would advice a person who is employed to try to work things out and keep the position however, when it comes to health related issues keeping a job which puts a great deal of stress on you is the quickest path to death.

A stroke is a devastating condition which attacks a person’s brain, a stroke may be triggered by many factors such as alcohol intake, eating disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, stress and many other. While the factors which could trigger a stroke vary the effects are usually related to cardiovascular problems.

A stroke may be hemorrhagic when a blood vessel ruptures, it can be Ischemic when a blood vessel becomes obstructed or in the worst case scenario it can be total which is a combination of both hemorrhagic as well as Ischemic.

According to a Finnish research which took 25 years to publish its findings, work related stress may double the risk of stroke. These studies started in 1973 and concluded in 2001, the subjects who were studied in this period of time were 812 factory employees who worked in different fields within these companies. Their positions varied from administrative work, clerical, metalworking, high precision engineering and such.

The results of such research revealed that people who worked in positions which put a great deal of strain on them and offered little financial rewards were twice as likely to die from cardiovascular related illness when compared workers who had positions with low stress or strain.

In addition, the findings also revealed that people who worked in demanding positions who are also greatly compensated were not at risk of dying from a cardiovascular illness created by work related stress, they were as likely to die from a cardiovascular disease as people who worked in low stress/strain environments.

Besides triggering stroke, work related stress also provided similar patterns which were found in individuals suffering from it, most of them were not happy with their financial situation (low-paying jobs) and they also consumed fast food which is known to contribute to the development of cardiovascular conditions, among them stroke.

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