3 Tips For Dealing With Heat Problem

Running in summer will give pleasant feeling and do better to health. But you would not neglect the dangerous cases, such as heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat stroke. In this article, I will let you know how to deal with these unexpected occasions.
First of all, to wait until you have been able to adapt to exercise in hot climates, when the intense workout again. You would need about a week to adapt to the hot days. During this time, the heart rate will be reduced to increase the secretion of sweat, and long time to sweat. The most effective way to adapt them to heat is increase daily exercise intensity. After you have been able to run in hot days, you would keep this state for about two weeks.
You should drink a lot of water in motion. That in the past people deemed that should not drink water during exercise. A recent study showed that, if athletes including runners, free drink, they can better perform their bodily functions. If five percent weight loss for water scarcity, efficiency will be reduced to fifteen percent. The maximum comfortably tolerate of people is six per cent weight loss. To pre-compensate for the loss of body fluids, authorities also recommended drinking water before exercise. The reason is, the speed of our body water absorb is half of the speed of sweat loose.
To be lightly armed. Even if a round neck T-shirt can also covering around forty percent of your body. Wear light-colored clothing to reflect sunlight.
If it is possible, you would water body with cold water, the colder, the better, which can help you sweat better. In warm weather, I often run along the river Mia Corners. If I feel somehow hot, I will stop and wet the body, but I do not recommend you drink the water. In the game, if someone handed you water, you can not drink enough, and then the rest of the irrigated on the body. If you do like this, you will notice immediately increase of the running capacity, although some runners find wet foot bring more blistering.
Shorten the warm-up time. As already pointed out that the warming will increase body heat; And you certainly do not need an extra body heat.
In the race day, eat breakfast not later than ten o’clock, because the Boston Marathon usually start at noon. Add more salt to breakfast, or drink a glass or two of salty meat soup. During the race, each run have many food supply stations, must drink twenty-three ounces of water, do not drink until thirsty.
Not all runners will be troubled by heat. Some people naturally have the ability to stand heat; Even in the summer can also run very well. While speed of others will greatly decrease just a hot weather. The ability to bear hot depends on his volume. Hot days are not suitable for fat people, because they have smaller surface area per kilogram. Besides, the fat is not good for release heat. But some people do not meet the problem at all, the only reason can be that every people is different.

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